June Roundup — Crypto is bouncing back

June has been a month of slow recovery from the crypto crash in May. As we continue seeing headlines about halts, cuts, and bailouts, most major altcoins are also trimming gains.

Every single coin (except stablecoins) in the top 10 by market capitalization saw double-digit percentage losses. The crypto market is not in the clear, but we’re positive that we will be seeing green soon.

Let’s catch up on what’s happened in June as we continue looking ahead towards brighter skies.

IMPORTANT NEWS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED completed the new LUNA airdrop distribution has distributed new LUNA to all eligible LUNC holders at the ratio of 1 LUNC = 0.000015307927 LUNA. Read more

dYdX quits Ethereum

In a controversial move, dYdX, a large decentralized exchange, has quit the Ethereum blockchain and moved to Cosmos. They indicated that this would help them achieve their goal of becoming truly decentralized by the end of this year. They are looking to build a decentralized off-chain network to run the orderbook. Read more CMO speaks to YahooFinance’s CMO Toya Zhang spoke to YahooFinance at the 2022 European Blockchain Convention on managing the Crypto winter, “The future crypto services format will be a combination of Web2 & Web3, exchanges must prioritise a customer focussed and on-chain aggregated service approach.” Read more

ETH Ropsten Testnet Successfully Merged

The ETH Ropsten Testnet merge achieves a major milestone on the road to the Mainnet Merge. Considering that this is a “dry-run” for the Mainnet Merge, they have two more testnets to go and if everything goes well, we can expect the merge to be completed in August. Read more

Cointelegraph interviews’s business development lead, Leslie Hsu

Cointelegraph news editor Aaron Wood spoke to’s Leslie Hsu about crypto custodians and how varied regulations such as regulatory arbitrage could present more risks. Read more

Ex-Opensea employee charged with insider trading

Former OpenSea head of product Nate Chastain is getting charged with wire fraud and money laundering. This is the first time the US Department of Justice is charging someone for insider trading in digital assets. Chastain could be slapped with two 20-year sentences to send a message to the community. Read more


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Episode 2 of A Bit of Banter podcast is live!

Host Samantha Nelson sits down with Audrey Yang, Director of Business Development at WOO Commerce. Tune in to our podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify to catch up on the latest crypto news and expert advice. Listen now

Watch our latest tutorial on crypto options trading

Discover the difference between a put option and a call option as we walk you through various scenarios during market changes. Watch now team goes to 2022 European Blockchain Convention

Our team was in Barcelona this June for EBC22! We had the honour of sharing the stage with experts from DEA, Hodl, Coinbase and Nexo. Follow us on Twitter to see our #EBC22 posts. is expanding!

Despite tough markets and ongoing news on layoffs, we power ahead expansion plans! “Bear market may bring our users negative sentiment, it also brings us time to strengthen our product and risk management for the next bull market.” Read more




















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